Performance Queen's Men

Film: The Troublesome Reign of King John

In July 2011 a cast of University of York undergraduate students,  from the Departments of Theatre, Film and Television, English and History, performed extracts of the Queen’s Men’s The Troublesome Reign of King John.

Discussion of project has been published in The Guild and Guild Buildings of Shakespeare’s Stratford, ed. J. R. Mulryne (Ashgate, 2012; Routledge, 2016) and will appear in Shakespeare Bulletin (2017)

The extracts were filmed over two performances on two DSLR cameras, and mastered by Nik Morris.



Cat Bennett – Lady Blanche / Lord Percy/ Messenger/ Prince Henry
Will Edwards – King John
Freddie Elletson – Earl Pembroke
Ela Gaworzewska – Lady Margaret Falconbridge / Herald / French Lord / Friar / Messenger
Bengee Gibson – Philip, King of France / Cardinal Pandulph
Jonny Glasgow – Earl Salisbury
Alex Gordon – Chatillon / Messenger
Nick Green – Robert Falconbridge / Limoges, Duke of Austria / Thomas
Virginia Hartman – Constance / Lord Beauchamp / Messenger
Josh Hatfield – Earl Essex / Citizen
Ryan Lane – Lewis, Dauphin of France / Sheriff of Northamptonshire
Sarah Lewis – Queen Eleanor / Earl of Bigot/ Friar/ Messenger
Joe Williams – Philip the Bastard
Sam Williams – Arthur, Duke of Bretagne / Melun / Abbot
Alastair Campbell, Rajan Gill, Lawrence Barber, Jack Lovegrove – Lords / Attendants / Citizens

Ollie Jones – Director
Nik Morris – Film Director

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