Modern Stage Performance theatre broadcast

Film: Hyde Park Live Encore

Hyde Park by James Shirley, 9-11 June 2016.
Directed by Mike Cordner with Ollie Jones.

The production was filmed by our Film and Television Production colleagues on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 June 2016. It was broadcast live to YouTube on Friday 10 June. This is the mastered film.

The production was made possible by a generous endowment from the Sylvia and Colin Shepherd Trust.



Trier – Joshua Welch
Lacy – Robbie Nestor
Lord Bonville – Max Manning
Jack – George Doughty
Venture – Marcus Crabb
Jarvis – John Chisham
Rider – Will Heyes
Carol – Hannah Eggleton
Mrs Bonavent – Harriet Patten-Chatfield
Fairfield – Chris Casbon
Bonavent – Ben Kawalec
Julietta – Saffia Sage
Lucia – Bethany Hughes
Jockey – George Abbott
Milkmaid – Grace Downer
Tradesmen, Entertainers, and Promenaders in the Park – Jennifer Brown, Grace Levy, Gavin Pattison,
Ted Sager, Andy Watts

Directing Team
Director – Mike Cordner
Associate Director – Ollie Jones
Assistant Directors – James Ralph, Nicholas Newman, Sam Finlay
Choreographer – Judy Emerick

Design Team
Set & Lighting Design – Roberto del Pino
Costume Design – Amy Milton
Animations – Paul Ryan
Music & Sound Design – Scott Hurley

Producing Team
Producer – Ollie Jones
Assistant Producers  & Front of House – Megan Bailey, Belle Kenyon
Publicity – Carla-Jayne Cole, Harry Elletson

Production Team
Assistant Lighting Designers – Timothy Kelly, Izzy Marsh
Technical Assistant – Sean Byrne
Set Construction – Roberto del Pino, Megan Bailey, Matt Brannan, Will Heyes, Paul Ryan, Pieter Smit, Fred West
Stage Manager – Sandrine Enryd Karlsson
Deputy Stage Manager – Vanessa Ostick
Assistant Stage Managers – Emma Benton, Alexandra Gaunt, Mia Schiller, Beth Sitek, Kat Spencer
Production Manager – Lily Caisley
Wardrobe Mistress – Annlouise Butt, Willow Hicks
Photography – Harry Elletson, Ollie Jones
Website contributions – Jessica Hutchinson

Film Team
Broadcast Director – Patrick Titley
Technical Supervisor – Paul Ryan
PA – Rebecca Neal
Vision Mixer – Martin Buckley
Sound Supervisors – Richard Sykes, Drew Hunter
Assistant Sound Supervisor – Luis Anaya Martin
Sound Assistants – Camille Hatcher, Tiffany Gan
Venice/Graphics Op/Racks – Adam Holloway
Camera Supervisor – Matt Brannan
Cameras – Caitlin McDaid, Krister Antonsen, Luke Rodwell
Streaming – Matthew Wingad


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